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Reconstruction & General Contracting
The Buildback Process

After the disaster has been been mitigated, more often than not, there is Reconstruction that need to occur. While the initial loss may no longer present a hazard, your property may not be ready for livability again. Finding the correct disaster restoration contractor who knows how to handle the reconstruction or repair of damaged property is important after any loss.


At Triple Crown Restoration, we have the full capabilities to take care of both your restoration and reconstruction needs, making us the ideal choice to assist in handling your loss from the time of occurrence, through the final construction needs to get you back in property like it never happened. Triple Crown Restoration can help get your home or property in top shape as your disaster restoration contractors.  

Whether the emergency just occurred and needs mitigating, or is ready for reconstruction efforts, call us in Ohio/KY/SE Indiana at 513-815-8000

Triple Crown Restoration makes it right again

Every aspect of the reconstruction process is managed by Triple Crown Restoration. From initial scope review to final clean, we offer turn key construction services to ensure the project is done right.

What type of Construction Servicers does Triple Crown offer?
  • Full Scale Carpentry. Full carpentry services, ranging from complex framing, to interior trim-outs for the residential & commercial sector

  • Complete Exterior Facade Reconstruction. A crucial component of many storm/wind related damages, ranging from surface cleaning to structural masonry reconstruction

  • Interior Build-Out & Finishes. Servicing both Residential and Commercial properties, we have the capabilities to service all interior finishing needs.

  • Historic Reconstruction & Restoration. We offer the capabilities to carefully preserve & restore historic elements, rebuilding and preserving where dictated in a Historic Restoration environment

  • Residential Remodels. Services ranging from room specific makeovers, to full scale home remodels, we offer turnkey services from start to finish, and many Clients utilize our reconstruction services to remodel an affected area after a loss.

Full Scale Carpentry

With capabilities from both the residential and commercial sector, we can be assistance in any carpentry needs. Most often, these needs arise from a tree falling on a roof, a major wind or hailstorm event, a structural fire, or a major remodeling project. 


Working in either a complex, or a reconstruction environment, requires specialized knowledge of how structural components play together, and how to repair of adjust them while ensuring a safe working environment. Triple Crown Restoration has the capabilities in these areas and more, and can of assistance on any of your carpentry projects.

Complete electrical, mechanical & plumbing

The coordination of "MEP's" as they're known in-field (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) requires careful planning and execution. It is the culmination of careful planning with all stakeholders involved, and affects everything form the property/floorplan layout, to the finish product. 

Triple Crown Restoration has the expertise in working with property owners, Architects, and specialized engineers to ensure that complex MEP routing is handled efficiently and to detect any clashes from the outset. 

If your property has experienced a loss, or is in need MEP reengineering, call us today to see how we can help.

exterior facade reconstruction

Following a major storm or wind event, or a large reconstruction project, exterior facade reconstruction is something that requires careful planning and knowledge of how all elements of the building envelope play together. This can range from a light chemical cleaning, to a full-scape tear down and rebuild of a deteriorated and damaged structural facade

Triple Crown Restoration has years of experience in dealing with suck facade reconstruction projects. We have the expertise to handle anything from a surface cleaning, to consulting with our structural engineers in major efforts.  Call today to see how we can help. 

interior build-out & finishes

Coffered ceilings, cabinetry installs, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, door installs, flooring installation, interior trim-outs..the list goes on. This is most often the area where Clients who have experienced a water loss will see the majority of our efforts. However, we also assist in top-down full home remodels. 

Triple Crown Restoration has the experience and the relationships with our trade supplier, employees, and subcontractors, to ensure that your project is done with the utmost quality in the most efficient manner.

Call us today to see how we can assist in any of your interior finishing needs!

historic reconstruction & restoration

Working in a historic reconstruction & restoration environment can present any multitude of challenges. From the urban environments historic buildings are often located in, the the unique challenges associated with historic reconstruction, a comprehensive plan from the outset is crucial in the success of these projects. 

Triple Crown Restoration has helped on numerous such project, managing from owner concept through completion.  Call today to see how we can help. 

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How much will my restoration project cost?

The cost of any reconstruction effort is based solely on the project. We do however provide highly detailed, obligation free estimates based on the required scope.

How long will it take to have my property back to pre-loss condition?

In a water damage emergency, every situation is unique and requires a distinct approach. Triple Crown Restoration can handle both the mitigation and reconstruction, to ensure you're back in your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Will I have to pay out of pocket, or will my insurance cover this?

Though each policy is different, we will work with your carrier to develop a scope of work so you have a complete overview of work and covered costs prior to any work starting.  Triple Crown Restoration will work with all insurance companies and use insurance pricing to ensure low out-of-pocket expenses.

Serving Greater Cincinnati

Triple Crown Restoration is here 24/7, 365 days a year, for whenever disaster strickes and whatever form is takes. Call us anytime, and a trained specialiist will return your call within minutes.

Our trained specialists can clean up the mess and repair your damage, while working with your insurance companyt o ensure the process is completed quickly and efficiently. Our technicians at Triple Crown Restoration will ease your mind while restoring you life to normal again, while our experienced Project Managers will help you with the claims process. 

Call today to see how Triple Crown Restoration can help with your water mitigation.

24/7 Emergency Service

Have an emergency? CALL NOW to see how Triple Crown Restoration can help in your mitigation and rebuild process. We work with all insurance carriers and bill direct.

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